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SheEO Lead-In Podcast with Rebecca Jones and Michelle D. Gonzalez
Oct 5, 2023

Michelle D. Gonzalez Featured on SheEO Lead-In Podcast

She-EO Lead-In is a podcast that captures the unique leadership journeys of powerful women in San Diego and beyond, with a mission of inspiring other women leaders. Michelle D. Gonzalez was invited to join SheEO podcast host, San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones, to discuss the challenges and successes that have led Michelle to where she is today – President and CEO of TrueCare.

Listen to Michelle recall stories of her youth that reflect who she is now, the values that anchor her in life, and her advice for other women carving their own career path. Together, Rebecca and Michelle reveal experiences and insights that motivate.

Podcast breakdown:
0:01 – Introduction
1:23 – Michelle’s childhood story about resilience
4:11 – Words that describe Michelle
4:58 – About Michelle’s family
5:48 – About TrueCare and her journey
12:38 – Success/Failure story that teaches self trust
19:38 – Work-Life balance
22:44 – Overcoming barriers
25:17 – Lessons learned
29:24 – Advice for other women leaders
33:55 – What’s next for TrueCare

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