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Get there and back with ease

TrueCare is proud to partner with Uber Health, to provide safe, reliable transportation for patients who need help getting to and from their scheduled appointments.

If you have a scheduled appointment or non-emergency medical need, our friendly TrueCare health transportation service will get you there on time. It’s important to request your ride in advance. We look forward to seeing you.

Need a ride to one of our health center locations?

Additional Health Transportation Services in San Diego

Your health insurance may also offer free health transportation in San Diego and Riverside counties.
Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan (Formerly Care 1st)

Tel: (877) 433-2178
Medi-Cal: 24 round trip rides (covers up to 20 miles) Medicare: Number of trips is determined on Plan. 20-35 miles covered


Tel: (800) 440-4347
Medi-Cal: 30 one-way trips per year with unlimited miles per trip.


Tel: (800) 224-7766
Unlimited rides


Tel: (844) 292-2688
Medicare: 30 one-way rides.
Medi-Cal: Unlimited rides.

Public Transportation Schedules and Information:
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Riverside Transit Agency
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