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Immigration medical exams are required to verify you are in good health and admissible to become a United States resident. As an authorized health center, TrueCare is ready to help you with this important life event. Schedule your USCIS exam and let us know if you need a ride.

Immigration Health Exam

What to expect
The primary goal of an immigration physical is to determine whether you have any health conditions that would disqualify you from receiving permanent residency status. During the exam, the doctor will check to see if you have any dangerous communicable diseases, potentially harmful mental disorders, drug problems, or other health related issues that would prevent you from staying in the country. In particular, the doctor will be looking for signs of the following diseases:
  • Gonorrhea
  • Infectious leprosy
  • Infectious stage syphilis
  • Active tuberculosis
  • Diseases that will subject you to quarantine
  • Diseases that risk public health
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The following TrueCare Health Centers offer the USCIS medical exam in San Diego and Riverside counties.

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