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Jul 19, 2022

San Diego Union Tribune – Community clinic reaches out to abuse victims at One Safe Place

TrueCare staff at One Safe Place in San Marcos

Ruby Arteaga (left), TrueCare health enrollment supervisor, and Elia Mentado, WIC nutrition assistant, get set up at the new One Safe Place in San Marcos, where they will help low-income families with health insurance and food insecurity needs.(Courtesy of TrueCare)

San Marcos-based nonprofit community health center TrueCare is helping victims of violence get health care and food and nutrition support at One Safe Place – The North County Family Justice Center, which opened to the public recently in San Marcos.

The center provides free support services to anyone who has gone through domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, hate crimes, elder abuse, human trafficking, violent loss or other crimes.

“One Safe Place is a resource for victims and survivors of abuse to get all the help they need under one roof, including access to health care,” said District Attorney Summer Stephan.

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