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Sep 23, 2022 – TrueCare Expands in San Marcos to Increase Access to Same-Day Medical Services

San Marcos (NCDailyStar)- North San Diego County residents now have greater access to same-day health care services with the opening of a new TrueCare West San Marcos QuickCare on Grand Avenue. Prompt quality medical care is vital, especially with flu season approaching, and TrueCare is ready to serve the community with expanded access to non-emergency health care services that require immediate attention.

Without the stressful “urgent care” experience, TrueCare QuickCare patients can receive a wide range of medical services by making a quick appointment just prior to heading in to see a provider.

“We want the families and individuals that we serve to have easy options for getting the care they need,” said Michelle D. Gonzalez, CEO and President of TrueCare… Read more

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