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TrueCare's Eimaneh Mostofian Medical Tech Outlook Maternity Care Article
Apr 26, 2023

MedTech Outlook – How To Make Collaborative Maternity Care Work

By Dr. Eimaneh Mostofian, TrueCare – Hospitals and clinics throughout the U.S. have been offering collaborative models of multi-discipline maternity care for years. While this approach has been successfully implemented in many areas, organizations that manage maternity care in the U.S. continue to face difficult challenges, including a shortage of obstetricians and limited access to quality perinatal care for some populations.

Of greater concern has been the failure of many efforts to implement collaborative maternity care that is truly collaborative. Fortunately, the tide is turning as more maternity care providers understand what it takes to successfully combine multiple disciplines to provide better patient care… read more
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