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May 15, 2022

CBS News 8 – TrueCare pediatrician featured on CBS 8 San Diego talking about the effects of the formula shortage

By now you’ve heard of the nationwide baby formula shortage affecting families and infants. Mothers in San Diego County have expressed concerns and say the situation has intensified. While experts say this is the worst baby formula shortage in decades. It’s been running low all over the United States and threatening the health of infants and families who depend on it for their sustenance.

“One thing that is not advisable is diluting the formula to make it last longer. If you do that it is dangerous to the baby. Formula is precision to stimulate breast milk as much as possible.”

Dr. Edward Curley from TrueCare, says diluting would only change the nutrients in the formula and would only give babies too much water. He adds that in order to avoid health issues, families should look for help from their physician…more

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