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Sep 11, 2018

Benefits of Working with a Midwife for your Pregnancy & Birth

Each year, more and more women are choosing midwives for their prenatal care and to deliver their babies. In 1989, just 3% of US births had midwives as the primary care provider, but in 2014, over 12% of vaginal births in the US were attended by midwives. Midwives provide the best in evidence based care, while offering continuous support to moms during pregnancy and delivery, with the least interventions necessary. The benefits of midwifery care for the exciting  journey to parenthood are endless, and here at TrueCare, we have incredible midwives providing the comprehensive, personalized care  you and your baby deserve.

Benefits of  Midwifery Care

Midwives are experts in managing normal pregnancy and birth and in recognizing when complications requiring obstetrician care are needed. They focus on providing moms-to-be with physical, emotional, and psychological support throughout their pregnancies. Midwives spend more one-on-one time with each woman they care for, promoting wellness and  ensuring all questions and concerns  are addressed in pregnancy and during labor, birth and afterwards. This helps each woman feel confident in their ability to be the best mother they can be.

For moms who prefer a more natural, and holistic approach to childbearing and birth, a midwife is an excellent choice. Midwives consider pregnancy a normal event in a woman’s life, not a disease requiring medical treatment. Midwives take a comprehensive approach to prenatal care focusing on providing women with education about all the options in her care and then supporting her decisions. This may  include for example, choices about what kind of tests she may or may not want to have during her pregnancy, the use of pain medications in labor and how she wants to feed her newborn. Women are given the information they need to make the choices that are right for them.

In general, midwives are said to prepare women for the labor and delivery process better than any other care provider. The trust and confidence you build  getting to know  your midwives meant that  your needs and desires will be well understood long before you go into labor. In addition to the teaching at each prenatal visit, the TrueCare midwives will refer you to a birthing class, can help you prepare a birth plan, and find a care provider for your new baby. They can also help you get connected to  support groups with other new moms or with other women learning to breastfeed or struggling with postpartum depression.

Rest assured that the TrueCare midwives not only know when a mom-to-be needs additional medical support, they work in collaboration with the TrueCare team of board certified OB Gyns and local high risk maternal fetal medicine specialists to ensure that you get the safest care possible.

Benefits of a Midwife During Labor & Delivery

The labor and delivery process is where midwives really shine. Moms who choose midwives as their primary care provider may desire a natural, vaginal birth where few to no medical interventions are utilized unless absolutely necessary. Midwives are trained to assist moms with holistic pain management, natural relaxation techniques, optimal birthing positioning, and so much more. However, if you desire to have an epidural during labor or are in favor or certain medical interventions, midwives are prepared for that too.

The benefits of having a midwife oversee your labor and delivery also include a number of health benefits for mom and baby. A decreased cesarean rate, a lower rate of induction, a reduced rate of regional anesthesia, decreased infant mortality rates, decreased risk of preterm birth, and increased satisfaction with quality of care are just a few benefits of a midwife.

Midwives are the experts in normal birth. They recognize and use  medical intervention only when  absolutely necessary, so moms who use midwives during labor and delivery are less likely to experience unneeded interventions, such as episiotomy, birth by forceps or vacuum, and more. These medical interventions have been linked to  later health concerns, so having a midwife by your side during labor not only helps moms heal faster after delivery, but it also helps babies stay healthy in the early days and for years to come.

Benefits of a Midwife for Postpartum Care

The first few weeks as a mom can be overwhelming, to say the least. Between elation at meeting your new bundle of joy, extreme exhaustion, and rapidly changing hormones, being a new mom can be quite a whirlwind. Thankfully the ongoing support of midwifery care can help you manage all of this. TrueCare midwives offer more follow-up visits after your birth to review all the  physical, emotional, and psychological changes you are experiencing and to offer extra help for breastfeeding, postpartum depression or anxiety or any other issues that may come up. Six weeks after your baby is born your midwife can guide you through your options for birth control and family planning. All TrueCare midwives can prescribe and manage all birth control methods so that you can focus all your time and attention on your new baby without fear of a surprise pregnancy.

The benefits of a midwife are far-reaching. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant until weeks after your sweet baby is welcomed into the world, a midwife can play a big role in your life, as well as your overall health and wellness and that of your child. If you select an TrueCare midwife for your prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care, you are sure to have a great experience and feel as confident and equipped as possible when it comes to birthing your baby and becoming a mom. Get in touch with TrueCare today to find a midwife near you.

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