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Lysa Ho, DO

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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

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College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest, 2016

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Board Certified Provider
Member of ACOI, ACP, AMA, OPSO


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  • Vietnamese

I originally wanted to go into medicine because I love math and science and wanted to utilize those skills to benefit my community. As I worked through medical school learning about the pathophysiology and treatment of disease, I came to realize the importance of prevention as well as intervention. Today in my practice, I make it routine to share that knowledge and provide the tools for my patients to care for themselves and their families.

What I love MOST about working for TrueCare, besides the incredible staff, is the wealth of resources we have to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for anyone and everyone. Also labs can be done during the same visit!

Besides practicing medicine, I enjoy meditating, yoga, hiking and indoor rock climbing. Meditation is like medicine for the mind. As some of my patients can attest, I will sometimes even “prescribe” meditation when I find appropriate.

"Meditation is like medicine for the mind."