Eimaneh “Ema” Mostofian, MD (OB/GYN)

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Medical Doctor (MD) – OB/GYN
Women’s Health
TrueCare Mission Mesa Women’s Health
TrueCare Provider Since:
Dartmouth Medical School, 2004
Board Certified Provider
I have been an Obstetrician/Gynecologist for the last 12 years embarking on this journey to assist women through the most vulnerable periods of their lives. Throughout the years I have found that my role, particularly at a Community Health Center is to empower women to use their voices made only possible by the relationships formed and the collaboration of the woman in her own health care decisions. I came to TrueCare nearly 8 years ago after serving in the United States Navy because I believe that healthcare is a right and not a privilege and TrueCare’s mission of heartfelt healthcare delivery to all spoke to me. I believe the single most important aspect of health care delivery is listening and building relationships. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my 4 year old son and cooking nourishing meals in my kitchen.
“I feel that it is my life’s work to serve the needs of underserved women.”