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Hector Torres, PhD

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Clinical Psychologist

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United States International University, 1991

Board Certification:

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Member of the American Psychological Association
Member of the National Association for Victim Assistance (NOVA)


  • English

I was inspired to become a psychologist early on in life. It started with my passion to understand things. First it was chemistry, then physics and sociology, and finally psychology. As a psychologist, I am exposed to diverse ways of thinking and feeling. These diverse ways of thinking and feeling serve as a way to understand the changing complexity of our current and changing world. My patients here at TrueCare provide me with insight into their world. That insight helps me work with them to identify what is important for them in their lives, the goals they seek to achieve, and the obstacles that stand in their way. Together, we develop a collaborative roadmap to a better future. I enjoy traveling and meeting a wide variety of people. I feel that when I travel my world expands in many different ways!

“The most important aspect in treating my patients is helping the patient identify their goals, and to help them develop insight about their issues and provide support.”