#GivingTuesday 2023 / Social Media Toolkit

Please use this toolkit to show your support for TrueCare’s Giving Tuesday Campaign, Circle of Care. Personalize your message by sharing stories and photos when possible. Please share your message by Tuesday, November 28, and aim to keep it visible for most of the day. In December, we’ll provide further details on how your online advocacy can contribute to boosting end-of-year funding.

Suggested Post Copy

Suggested Post Copy #1

I’m part of the TrueCare giving circle! Want to join me? Your contributions on Giving Tuesday significantly impact the lives of our most vulnerable community members – OUR CHILDREN! Help make a difference today! #givingtuesday #circleofcare https://bit.ly/TCCircleofCare

Suggested Post Copy #2

Join me in forming a circle of care! Donations to TrueCare for Giving Tuesday support our complete medical & dental care services for kids, including vital infant checkups, treatments, labs & more. Help us close the gap! #givingtuesday #circleofcare https://bit.ly/TCCircleofCare


Download and use these graphics with the suggested copy. Click the image, right click, and select “save image as.” If viewing on mobile, click the image to open, click and hold on the image and select “save to photos”.


Tag TrueCare on your posts. This way, we’ll see it and engage.

Tip: Simply put an @ symbol and begin typing TrueCare (@TrueCare) to tag us on most social channels. A drop-down menu will appear; select our account.


Also, use HASHTAGS in your captions. Hashtags help expose your posts to new people, as well as help TrueCare see and find your content.

Hashtags to use:

#GivingTuesday #CircleofCare

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