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Ming Chen, MD

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Medical Doctor (MD)

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University of São Paulo Medical School, Brazil

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Board Certified Provider
Member of the American College of Ethical Physicians


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Having an innocent dream to stay healthy forever, I had the aspiration to pursue Medical School when I was 13 years young. Realizing that Allopathic Medicine was insufficient to achieve my personal goal, I was drawn to additional professional trainings in Medical Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition. When the process of aging taught me that the health of our bodies are intimately connected to the state of our minds, it lead me to an advanced mind-body discipline: Falun Dafa, which taught me to turn my internal clock backwards, reversing the effects of aging.

Today, I live in total splendor for having fulfilled my lifetime pursuit and for the privilege to be in a profession to help others to achieve the same objective by integrating the wisdom from different disciplines into my allopathic practice. I work for TrueCare because I resonate with its core values of excellence, integrity, ethics and humanity.

“I chose my specialty because I want to help children achieve their full potential with long-term health.”