Corrdero Taylor, LCSW

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Behavioral Health Consultant

TrueCare Provider Since:



University of Southern California, 2012


Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Member of the National Association of Social Workers


  • English

I have worked as a social worker for close to 10 years, however I believe that I have been a social worker throughout the course of my life. Social work is a field that one does not select but selects you. My purpose is within the heart of social work, which is creating opportunity and empowering change in the lives of those who need it. My daily motivation to provide behavioral health services at TrueCare stems from the progressive change that occurs in my patients lives, while participating in treatment. My philosophy to providing care to patients, is always start with developing a healthy therapeutic relationship because “A person does not care about how much you know until they know about how much you care”. When I’m not at the clinic, I spend my time with family and friends, eating cookies, exercising, watching boxing, and pretending to be an R&B singer while doing karaoke.

“The most important aspect in treating my patients is building and developing relationships.”

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