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Dr. Otanez posing in TrueCare's health center in San Marcos, California, as featured on the cover of North County Informador magazine.
Nov 7, 2023

North County Informador – Healthcare with No Barriers

TrueCare’s Dr. Jorge Otañez believes healthcare has no zip codes. In the November 2023 issue of North County Informador, Dr. Otañez shares his inspiring story of overcoming adversity to become a doctor. Today, he proudly serves as Associate Chief Medical Officer at TrueCare.

Dr. Otañez was born and raised in Tijuana by his maternal grandmother and aunts. Both of his parents passed away when he was young. Their illnesses motivated him to pursue a career as a doctor. After working three jobs to study medicine, he became a pediatrician in 2010. Soon after, he was accepted into UCLA’s program for bilingual international medical graduates so he could practice family medicine in California. After 12 years of setting his sights on a residency at UCSD, his goal was achieved. Fast forward to today, he wears two hats at TrueCare – as a physician and administrator. When asked what motivates him, he says, “I like to help people. I love what I do. It’s very rewarding.”

TrueCare President and CEO Michelle D. Gonzalez adds, “Dr. Otañez is truly a special person with a beautiful and inspiring story. We are proud to have him as a passionate provider and healthcare leader in our TrueCare family.”

To learn more about Dr. Otañez’s story, check out the issue…read more
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