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Jul 7, 2023

Healthcare IT News – TrueCare Adopts Remote Patient Monitoring

To improve hypertension control for patients with consistent uncontrolled blood pressure, TrueCare implemented new remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology from Rimidi. Since adopting remote patient monitoring, TrueCare has graduated half its home hypertension patients, and counting. The community health center has seen around 30 readings per patient per month since launching Rimidi’s RPM program, showing a high level of compliance.

“Knowing the value remote patient monitoring has on improving patient engagement and outcomes, we wanted to find the right RPM technology to help us better manage our growing hypertension patient population,” said Dr. Denise Gomez, a primary care physician and director of adult medicine at TrueCare. “To get patients into the RPM program, they had to first be referred by one of our primary care providers.”

See adds, “We began the program in January 2023 and have continued to ramp up implementation and grow the number of patients each month. As of April 2023, we had 70 patients enrolled into the program, with an average of 10 additional patients per month. Impressively, 34 patients have graduated from the program so far, meaning their blood pressure has been controlled.”

Another interesting note: The program has helped TrueCare identify “white coat hypertension” in patients, which is when an individual has higher blood pressure readings at the doctor’s office than in other settings, such as at home.

In this article with Healthcare IT News, Dr. Gomez shares details about RPM at TrueCare and how we are helping our patients control their hypertension from home. read more
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